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Portable Clinch tools

We offer a very wide range of clinching hand tools and portable work heads, for sheet metal joining (or fastening) by clinching and stitch-folding. These are production equipment intended to medium series production of sheet metal products. They are robust and fast, capable to sustain high production rates. The various models are ranging from the very light machines of 1.7 kg up to large work heads of more than 100 kg and 500mm of C' frame depth suspended to balancers.

The portable clinching tools are standard, delivered complete, ready to operate and are extremely simple to install, just to be suspended to a balancer and connected a 6 bar (85 PSI) air main.

All models, depending on their tool force, are using the corresponding standard tool kits (See page Tooling for presses)

SPOT CLINCH ® FS Series (booster driven)1.jpg
Light weight and fast tools for joining edges and flat panels. Ideal for cabinets, refrigerated displays, vending machines, freezers, ventilation and many other domains.

Various models and variants from weight 1.7 to 4kg, Tool force 25 and 35 kN. Work stroke 8mm, maximum capacity 2.5 to 4.0mm (mild steel)

SPOT CLINCH ® IP Series (integral pneumatic)
Autonomous, articulated jaw, pneumatic clinchers, ideal for application with medium distance access to the joint. Safe pre-stroke, by manual or automatic closing (patents pending).

Various models and variants from 4.5 Kg to 22 kg, Tool force 25, 35 and 50 kN, work stroke 8mm, total stroke 25 to 60 mm, maximum capacity 3.0 to 4.5mm (mild steel)

SPOT CLINCH ® PASS Series (booster driven) 3.jpg
Multi-purpose C'frame type, with the unique PASS = Passive Approach Stroke Systems (patents pending). The pre-stroke is pneumatic and can be activated independently of the work stroke, for a safe long approach stroke and an easy tool positioning.

Wide range of C'frame dimensions with depths up to 450mm. Tool force 35 and 50 kN, work stroke 8mm, total stroke 60 and 100mm, maximum capacity 3.0 to 4.5mm (mild steel)

* TAGGER ® 320 Stitch-folder4.jpg

Sheet metal stapling without staples

Ultra-fast tool, for fastening sheet metal edges and flat panels. Ideal for pre-coated, multi-layers assemblies of thin sheet metals. Unbeaten since 25 years in the fastening of cabinets, refrigerated displays, vending machines, freezers, ventilation and many other domains.

TAGGER ® 320 is delivered complete with pressure booter, flexible hose, handle grip and tooling. Work head weight 2.2 kg. Max capacity 2x 0.8 mm mild steel, 2x0.6 mm stainless steel.

Service kits and spare parts available for all models since 1978.

* distributed worlwide outside USA, Canada and Mexico
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